Choral Audition

The audition for high school vocal/choral students at SCPA will consist of three elements:

  1. A solo performance of a prepared audition song
  2. A range test
  3. A sight-singing/aural skills test

The solo performance piece should be a well-prepared song of any genre showcasing the singer’s vocal abilities.  Student will be assessed based on intonation, tone quality, diction, musicality and expression.  Students must bring sheet music to the audition.  No a cappella or backing tracks will be accepted, and you will be asked to re-audition at a later date if you do not have the proper materials.

The range test will simply be assessing the upper and lower limits of your voice.  No preparation is needed.

You will be asked to sight-sing a couple of short excerpts.  Additionally, you will be asked to repeat back a short series of notes that will be played on the piano.

We want you to be successful!  Be sure and prepare your piece ahead of time, and get plenty of rest and hydration the day before your audition.  Come early and warm up your voice so you’re ready to go.