Choral Ensemble

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Assignment DUE Monday, September 18th:
1) Read the Wikipedia entry on the liturgical mass:
Don’t read the section on Anglican Mass

2) Using Youtube, Apple Music or Spotify, listen to the following mass movements by notable composers from different eras:
– Kyrie from Mass in C Major by L.V. Beethoven
– Gloria from Missa Criolla by Ariel Ramirez
– Credo from Mass No. 2 in G by Franz Schubert
– Sanctus and Benedictus from Mass in C Major “Coronation” by W.A. Mozart
– Agnus Dei from Mass for Four Voices by William Byrd

3) In three or four sentences each, give your impression of the mass movements.  Comment on the style, the texture, the voices…whatever strikes you.  This must be typed and submitted to via e-mail.

4) Pick the movement you liked the most and listen to that composer’s entire mass…or listen to all of them in their entirety!  Be ready to discuss on Monday.

Please read and download the syllabus.  Return the last two pages signed by the student and the parent/guardian.  The pages can be handed in physically or e-mailed using a signature app like SignNow.