Middle School Musical Theatre

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Mock Audition Project
Assignment 2: Select a monologue by searching the internet or by using one from the provided list here: http://monologueblogger.com/52-effective-short-monologues-for-teens-and-kids/

Print out or write out your monologue and then answer these questions on the same paper:
Who is speaking?
Who is their audience?
What do they need?
What actions are they taking?
How will the audience know?

*Remember to include the author, title of the monologue and the name of the play or musical it is from if applicable.

Mock Audition Project
Assignment 1: Read the character breakdown and choose one or two characters who you identify with.  Listen to all or some of the songs from the musical to familiarize yourself with the material.

13 the Musical Character Breakdown:
13 Character Breakdown

Please download the Course Syllabus: