Wind Ensemble Audition

Part 1: Scales

Students auditioning for the Classical Studies program will be required to play the following scales from memory.  Drummers will be expected to perform the scales either on piano or xylophone.  Scales should be performed in 8th notes to the 9th degree at♩= 100 beats per minute, with the proper articulation in the following example.

Major Scales (Concert Pitch): F, Bb, Eb Ab, C, D, G

Part 2: Prepared Piece

Prospective students will play the following excerpts (click the link for your instrument):




French Horn




Trombone & Euphonium



Points will be awarded based on intonation, tone quality, pitch/rhythm accuracy and musical expression.

Part 3: Sight-reading

Prospective students will be asked to demonstrate their sight-reading skills by performing a short excerpt which will be provided at the audition.  The student will be given thirty seconds to look over the music before performing.  Pitch/rhythm accuracy and flow will be assessed and awarded points.

For questions related to the audition process for the SCPA Band Program, please email Matt Quiroz at

Audition Rubric