Johnny Steele and Jarien Jamanila, Class of 2016
Official Instrument Sponsor of SDSCPA Instrumental Music

SDSCPA Music Department Vision

The SDSCPA Music Department provides a creative, challenging and nurturing environment that prepares students for conservatory and a profession in the arts.


The San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts will set the standard for a rigorous dual curriculum in grades 6-12 in preparation for post-secondary experiences in the arts and academics. SD SCPA students engage in powerful exchanges of creativity, critical thinking, and civic responsibility inspired by an appreciation for diversity in a collaborative environment promoting lifelong learning in the arts and academics.

SDSCPA Mission

The San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts commits to:

  • A rigorous scope and sequence in the arts and academics
  • Experiences with professional artists and scholars
  • An evolving and innovative framework of high standards in arts-integrated teaching and learning
  • Ample opportunities for innovation, creativity, critical thinking
  • A diverse, safe, and creative environment to unlock the potential of scholars as artistsSTUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES (SLOs)

Each student learning outcome clarifies for the entire school community what students will know, understand and be able to do when they graduate from high school:

  • Scholar: An SCPA scholar is a critical and creative thinker with a deep-rooted passion for learning and discovery. Our scholars strive to be critical thinkers with the tools for sophisticated literacy in their art and academic curriculum
  • Citizen: An SCPA citizen is actively involved in developing an environment that is welcoming, engaging, and inclusive of a highly diverse community. Our citizens engage in meaningful action toward equity and equality for all people.
  • Professional: An SCPA professional strives toward excellence in preparation for success in college, career, and life. Our professionals show up for responsibility with a preparedness and active stance toward lifelong learning and success. Our students do not give up.
  • Artist: An SCPA artist is a courageous and self-disciplined individual with a continuous desire to create authentic works of art. Our students’ voices are nurtured through intensive arts training in order to develop a solid launching ground for individual success as they live their passion.